October 17, 2023
Waste Gas Capture Initiative Launches In Support Of A Strong Mine Methane Capture Industry

The WGCI aims to raise awareness of how capturing waste methane will create jobs, drive down emissions, and bolster America’s energy security.

Today, a diverse coalition of American industry partners, NGOs, and experts from various fields announced the launch of the Waste Gas Capture Initiative (WGCI), an organization dedicated to securing America’s sustainable energy future through mine methane capture. Currently, mine methane—the gas emitted from active or abandoned mines—makes up a significant percentage of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, and this effort aims to raise awareness of how capturing waste methane will create jobs, drive down emissions, and bolster America’s energy security. 

“This is a critical moment for American energy, as our country seeks to expand domestic energy production and create new jobs, all while helping to better protect the environment. Scaling mine methane capture operations is a commonsense and ready solution to support local economies, reduce overall U.S. methane emissions, and strengthen America’s energy security—all in one fell swoop. Thanks to the support and collaboration of our founding partners from across the country, today our work begins, as together we launch the WGCI and look toward utilizing methane capture to create jobs and cut emissions” said Mike Moore, Executive Director of the WGCI.

The coalition’s founding members include Advanced Resources International, Anew Climate, Burch Industrial Group, CNX Resources, Crosswater, the Crow Nation, EMATS, Inc., KNL, Inc., and Noah Horn Well Drilling. 

Mine methane capture offers the opportunity to turn environmentally harmful mine methane emissions into an energy source, powering our grid and the local economies of regions hit hardest by the energy transition. Approximately 8% of the annual methane emissions in the U.S. are attributed to active and abandoned mines. However, fewer than 2% of these mines are currently engaged in efforts to collect and utilize waste methane.

There exists a significant potential for the expansion of methane capture practices in this sector—but the industry lacks proper policy support to scale at the pace required to cover the economic costs of investments in crucial technology and infrastructure, all while navigating the changing energy policy landscape. Implementing methane capture in mines would contribute to the reduction of methane released into the atmosphere. According to the EPA, this annual emission amounts to 33 million tons of methane in CO2 equivalent, or an energy equivalent of 61,951,520 MMBTU per year—and this data only accounts for emissions from active mines that are mandated to report their emissions.

About WGCI

The WGCI represents leading American energy industry partners, NGOs, and experts who are committed to recognizing the economic benefits and environmental impact of a strong mine methane capture industry. Visit wastegascapture.com and follow @WGCInitiative on X (formerly known as Twitter) and LinkedIn for more information.